How To Sell On Wayfair in 2023? Benefits + FAQs (2023)

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How To Sell On Wayfair in 2023? Benefits + FAQs (1)

Wayfair is among the hottest topics on the internet when it comes to selling and purchasing furniture online. For all good reasons, sellers are looking out for the right way to make their product featured on this amazing site and earn profit like never before. In that true spirit, we are sharing a simple guide to help you sell on Wayfair in 3 easy steps.

In addition to that, we are also sharing simple reasons why sell on Wayfair and answering some of the most common questions that you might have. All in all, by the end of this article you will know exactly what you need to do to sell your products on Wayfair. Let’s get started.

Why Sell on Wayfair?

How To Sell On Wayfair in 2023? Benefits + FAQs (2)

Wayfair pays the seller (know as Wayfair partners) the wholesale price and sets the retail price of the product.

If we talk figures then according to Similarweb’s data, Wayfair has about 63 million unique visitors. This is comparatively a very huge amount of traffic, especially for a niche where a customer is mostly a one-time customer for a product.

But this hasn’t stopped the sellers of Wayfair as the total revenue in 2023 is expected to hit about $4.5 trillion.

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Figures are already interesting, but aren’t you looking for the actual reasons to sell on Wayfair? Well look no further as here is the answer to your burning question.

With the growing traffic and huge revenue expectations, Wayfair delivers 5 crucial benefits that you can get when you sell on Wayfair.

Ease of selling

How To Sell On Wayfair in 2023? Benefits + FAQs (3)

The most promising feature of Wayfair is the ease of doing business with its Easy Seller Panel. It is a highly professional and insightful panel designed to help the seller to keep track of all the products on one single screen.

It comes really handy if you are dealing with a bunch of catalogs with various products to sell on Wayfair. This panel is going to ease your work, by keeping track of all your products and working as an assistant for your online business.

Huge Customer Base

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Wayfair has about 60.82 million unique visitors and an active customer base of 16.4 million. With such a huge market percentage, Wayfair offers you a pre-prepared customer base that is willing to trust you and buy from you.

If that is not enough, Wayfair also spends about fifty per cent of its total revenue on advertising your products and bringing you new sales.

Less Competition

How To Sell On Wayfair in 2023? Benefits + FAQs (5)

Even after having such a huge customer base to serve, you will find only a few competitors on Wayfair, when compared to Amazon, eBay, or another popular marketplace.

This creates a situation that gives a great playing ground to launch your brand with minimum competition and a large market to serve.

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This means, today when you sell on Wayfair you can expect more customers to reach your product page with less or no competition to face. Ultimately this directly affects the growth in sales and increases your profit exponentially.

Real-time updates

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Following the benefit of the ease of doing business, you also get an insight look at the customer choices.

In the present world, advertisement, growth, and becoming a brand, all depend on a single core factor. That is how well do you understand your customer.

Once you know what your customers are interested in, and what are products that they are looking for, you can capitalize on the opportunity just by fulfilling their demands.

Here Wayfair helps the retailer by updating them about the trending products in the seller panel itself so that they can take the most advantage of the opportunity and increase their profit.

Massive Logistics

How To Sell On Wayfair in 2023? Benefits + FAQs (7)

When dealing with furniture and home goods, shipping stays a point of conflict between many other marketplaces and retailers. But at Wayfair, it has been taken care of very smoothly.

Whenever an order is placed the product is picked directly from the retailer and is shipped to the doorsteps of the customer. This saves the cost of the fulfillment center and the time of the retailers like you in shipping the product and paying for space in the storage areas. We know that Product Photography is a main role in the eCommerce business. If in case you want to use anonline photo retouching service, for furniture. PixelPhant provides one of the best product image retouching services.

How to sell on Wayfair?

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Now that we have discussed the “Why” it’s time to look into how to sell on Wayfair. Selling on Wayfair is just a 3 step setup. That is:

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Singing Up

In order to sell on Wayfair, you will first need to sign up at Wayfair to become a partner. To do so fill the partner form with all the necessary details. Make sure all the information is filled in and crossed checked to ensure better communication with the Wayfair team. Once you submit the form the Wayfair onboarding team will contact you and help you get started with the process of selling on Wayfair.

Adding Products

The Wayfair team will ask you to upload all your product images and description on Wayfair, even before you start selling your products on the platform. This is to ensure a great customer experience. If this is your first selling your product online, don’t worry Wayfair will guide you on each and every step of your journey.

Selling on Wayfair

Once you are done with the previous steps, you will be all set to sell on Wayfair. But to ensure a great scale of business on Wayfair, you will have to work on your listing as well as manage your orders regularly. Wayfair also offers customization to their customers, which means it is very important that you keep check of the customer requirements and grow your sale on Wayfair.

FAQs From Wayfair Sellers

With the above points, we have established the benefits of selling Wayfair. But in order to help all get all the answers regarding Wayfair, here are some FAQs and their answers for you.

How Does Selling on Wayfair work?

Wayfair actually works on the drop-shipping model of business. Here a buyer makes a purchase from the seller (that is you) and the seller (you) send them the product. In between, Wayfair takes a small percentage of shipping and selling a business, which ultimately ends up being a win-win situation for all.

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Is Amazon Similar to Wayfair?

In the terms of size, Amazon and Wayfair aren’t similar at all. But the best way to compare them would be by quoting Wayfair as the Amazon for furniture.

What is the Difference Between Birch Lane and Wayfair?

Although Wayfair and Birch Lane are sister companies, these two offer distinct sets of furniture. Birch lane only deals with traditional furniture, whereas when you sell on Wayfair, you can choose any kind of furniture.

Does Wayfair allow 3rd Party Sellers?

Yes, the platform does allow 3rd party sellers to sell on Wayfair. Third-party sellers are also a huge reason that Wayfair deals with such a wide range of products under a single platform.


And with this, we conclude this article. But before you take off to look for the steps to sell on Wayfair, let us tell you that, it’s right here. By clicking on the following link, you will be redirected to the sellers’ registration page of Wayfair. Just fill in the form and complete verification to start selling on Wayfair. After Reading this beautiful blog, We highly recommended you read about How to use down selling strategy to boost your eCommerce Business

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