McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (2023)

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (1)

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Many people seek to know the difference between McAfee's LiveSafe and Total Protection. They only know that both suites were developed by the same security company. Both are designed to protect your computer from online threats and block malware and other viruses.

McAfee Total Protection and LiveSafe guarantee your PC's safety with cloud endpoint protection, network security, data protection and encryption, and security management. They also perform security analytics, ensure real-time visibility into your system's activities, and provide web and database security. This article will shed more light on McAfee LiveSafe vs Total Protection 2022 as they are the most popular packages from McAfee.

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McAfee LiveSafe

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McAfee LiveSafe is a well-featured reliable protection software. It's compatible with multiple devices at a reasonable cost. As long as you have LiveSafe, it's a guarantee you will not suffer any personal data loss.

Apart from the superb anti-malware features, it also offers identity and privacy protection features in the form of VPN and Password Manager. The VPN is included for free with no data limit. Once connected, it encrypts your internet connection and lets you browse in full anonymity. Your data will also remain safe from hackers, and it will keep you safe from the most insecure public Wi-Fis.

Computer built-in applications may not provide enough security to your data. That's why McAfee LiveSafe is useful. You deserve software that provides total protection from any hacker.

Features of McAfee LiveSafe

LiveSafe is a high-end security application, and one of the most expensive products made by McAfee. It's convenient to use. Here are the primary features:

• Web and email protection

• Virus and spyware protection

• Data security

• File locking

• PC and home network protection tools

• Password Manager.

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (3)

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• Provides excellent protection

• Your devices remain fast

• Free and unlimited VPN

• Advanced password manager

• Great user reviews

• Offers up to 1GB of encrypted cloud storage


• Parental control is not very strong

McAfee Total Protection

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McAfee Total Protection is one of the best security applications out there. It's a one-stop security suite with features such as a firewall, antivirus, spam filter, file encryption, malicious URL blocking, a password manager, web and app performance boosters, and free Identity Theft Protection for US consumers.

McAfee Total Protection's App Boost, which is enabled by default amasses resources to demanding applications, while Web Boost helps make auto-playing videos load faster and smoothly. They are not unique and the most significant boost features, but they launch at better speeds than Windows default security applications. The performance optimization software can also help delete all the unneeded files, including those in the recycling bin.

The password manager helps you store all your passwords securely without having to memorize them. There is also the Safe Connect VPN and Virus Protection Pledge. With this pledge, you'll get a refund should the software fail to protect your PC from a virus. The VPN offers unlimited VPN service.

McAfee Total Protection Features

Just like McAfee LiveSafe, Total Protection has its own set of features. When you install McAfee software, you can use all the features available on Total Protection. Here are the features:

• Web and email protection

• Virus and spyware protection

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• App and web boost

• Provides data protection and backup

• Parental controls and VPN

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (5)


• Excellent protection

• Constant updates

• Reliable customer service

• Customizable


• Navigation may require a little getting used to for no-experienced users

What's the Difference between McAfee's Total Protection and LiveSafe?

McAfee Total Protection provides total protection for every OS platform, including Android, iOS, Mac, and PC. It also has a password-secured vault where you can hide your files/data safely. McAfee LiveSafe, on the other hand, is a useful antiviral tool that works in the same manner but includes Secure Cloud Storage. Using this feature, you can save your file or document on the cloud and install it on your devices.

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (6)

Other features that McAfee LiveSafe has include scheduled scans, real-time scanning, and Site Advisor, which are crucial to the program. Both programs provide the ultimate protection for your PC and other devices on the go.

McAfee is a famous company in the proactive protective niche. Their antiviruses are not only robust but also pretty useful. LiveSafe and Total Protection are some of their best packages. Both work similarly, but they have just a few different extra features.

Computer security has been a concern ever since computers became a must-have gadget. New technologies keep coming up, and cybersecurity has been a burning issue. Just recently, the internet became a potential platform where cybercrime thrives. Hackers and cybercriminals are on the loose.

We live in one global village connected to the internet, which makes us vulnerable to the bad guys. That's why it's essential to choose a trusted antivirus package. But what are the main differences when choosing McAfee LiveSafe or Total Protection?

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McAfee LiveSafe Versus Total Protection (Difference in Protection)

Total Protection and LiveSafe are the most popular McAfee security solutions. They provide 100% protection from any threat, including spyware, viruses, Trojans, spamware, malware, etc. Both programs offer protection to multiple devices like iOS, Android, PC, and Mac devices.

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The only difference they have is that McAfee Total Protection, provides everything available on LiveSafe and more, as far as cybersecurity is concerned. McAfee LiveSafe is not only antivirus, it also offers a comprehensive digital security solution for your digital space in terms of cloud storage.

McAfee LiveSafe Vs. Total Protection (Cloud Storage)

McAfee LiveSafe comes with a Personal Locker with a space of 1GB secured cloud storage. Cloud storage also includes advanced protection for the safety of your most precious data and vital documents in it. To ensure nobody else, except you, can access your files on the cloud storage, you can access it through your voice or voice authentication.

McAfee LiveSafe can store everything, including your passport and your documents. It's so refreshing that you can hide the most critical documents, and nobody else can access them. Unfortunately, McAfee Total Protection does not provide Cloud Storage. It's only available on LiveSafe.

McAfee LiveSafe Vs. Total Security (Selling Point)

In terms of cost, McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection can be purchased at almost the same price. The number of devices you intend to protect will also be a factor in determining the final cost. There is a huge discount for the subscription for McAfee Total Protection. In like manner, McAfee LiveSafe goes for about the same price, and can also be purchased at a much lower price.

McAfee Total protection is famous for its password management across multiple devices and antivirus protection, which keeps your own devices safe and the devices of your loved ones. Total protection's selling point is an award-winning web/email protection software.

McAfee Total Protection (Password Manager)

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (8)

McAfee LiveSafe (Password Manager)

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (9)

McAfee LiveSafe has a different selling point. It boasts of Secure Cloud Storage that protects cloud-based folders. It provides security for your documents, identity, and data across all your devices; thanks to their latest scanning engine that offers malware protection around the clock.


The two programs are almost identical and don't have any noticeable difference apart from Secure Cloud Storage. McAfee LiveSafe has a Personal Locker with 1GB of Secure Cloud Storage that guarantees the safety of your most precious personal documents and other stuff.

McAfee Total Protection also has a vital role to play. It protects your sensitive information through 128-bit encryption and saves them in a password-protected vault. All other features are almost or entirely the same in both programs.

Is McAfee LiveSafe better than Total Protection?

As mentioned earlier, both programs are almost the same but differ with a few features. However, McAfee LiveSafe has an advantage when it comes to cloud storage. LiveSafe supports an unlimited number of devices.

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (10)

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McAfee LiveSafe includes a VPN, identity theft protection, a password manager, a firewall, and parental controls. It also has other features, including the digital document Shredder (which McAfee Total Protection also has). The Shredder works in the same manner as the physical document Shredder used to protect your privacy. The McAfee Shredder deletes files permanently to make them unrecoverable.

The identity theft protection includes a Social Security Number Trace to identify potential fraud, dark web monitoring, and 24/7 customer service reps who can help if you suspect a security breach. McAfee Total Protection vs. LiveSafe, which is better? Can't tell at the moment!

Is McAfee Total Protection better than LiveSafe?

McAfee Total protection has some of the features that the LiveSafe program has. It blocks ransomware, viruses, malware, spyware, and more. Moreover, it protects up to 10 devices, including your mobile devices, Macs, and PCs. They are really identical.

McAfee LiveSafe (Shredder)

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (11)

McAfee Total Protection (Shredder)

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (12)

The software protects against phishing. It also helps to protect your network from being hacked and accessed. Network Manager monitors your home network activity even when you are not there, and blocks unknown devices from accessing your Wi-Fi. You can also locate and lock a stolen device.

With a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) feature, you can make sure all the sensitive files are protected if your PC is lost or hacked. That said, Total Protection has some features that LiveSafe doesn't have. McAfee LiveSafe, compared to Total Protection, are almost on the same level, and none is far much better than the other one.

Why McAfee is the Best in Its Class

LiveSafe and Total Protection are the best programs from McAfee, even though other products use the same malware-detection technology. They come at different prices, number of features, and vary from basic to super-premium packages.

McAfee's generous installation policy is irresistible. Individuals or families with many devices to protect prefer McAfee. It's one of the best antivirus programs.

McAfee LiveSafe vs. Total Protection (2022): Which Is Better? (13)

McAfee is packed with many security features and add-ons, which are useful in blocking any form of malware. McAfee Total Protection scores a perfect 100% protection against zero-day attacks. A few other top-notch competitors such as Bitdefender scored 99%. One other program also scored the same as McAfee.

McAfee Competitors

Most computers are sold with a McAfee suite pre-installed, but it doesn't mean they come for free. Once the subscription runs out, you have two options. To renew, or go for another antivirus. However, McAfee is still, about, the best of them.

There are many popular free antiviruses with friendly interfaces, but if you want comprehensive protection for your device(s) and you want smooth performance with unique features, the free versions may be reliable but not the best. If you are on any free version, you can always upgrade to a paid version which is packed with additional features.

Most antivirus software with extra features protect your computer from getting corrupted but at a fee. You can always get the best programs for a few dollars. Nevertheless, McAfee is always a good option for you.

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Some programs like McAfee are well known for a robust protection system and are packed with a system optimization tool (speed up and clean up tools) along with an antivirus program, anti-malware, multiple engine protection, privacy protection, Wi-Fi security check, secure online shopping, etc.


McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection suites for 2022 protect all types of devices, including your computers and mobile phones, from online attacks. The Total Protection + VPN is worth your money. The suites are two of the best in the market.

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