Who Uses Agile? (2023)

Who Uses Agile?

Agile was initially designed for software development project management. It enabled teams to quickly model solutions, incorporate feedback, and adjust scope as needed throughout the project lifecycle. This approach not only sped up delivery times but supported changing requirements as new developments arose.

Today, Agile is used by more than just software teams. The tenets of Agile are effective for projects that result in a concrete deliverable rather than a service. However, Agile can ultimately be used on almost any large scale project in any industry.

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Any of these project teams can benefit from using Agile:

  • Teams handling fast-changing deliverables, such as technology products
  • Teams working on projects that evolve or do not have clear scope and requirements at the beginning
  • Teams working closely with customers and other external parties throughout a project
  • Teams that emphasize process and product improvement and need a method for continual advancement
  • Teams with numerous interdependent tasks needing to work closely together and frequently communicate to ensure success
  • Teams creating prototypes before building the final project outcome
  • Teams that must have rapid feedback from each product iteration before creating the next draft
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